Invitation to the Workshop on Instrumental insemination in Krakow, Poland

Mating control is an essential part of any breeding program to ensure genetic progress and thus maintenance of local honey bee populations through utilization.

Instrumental insemination of honey bee queens is a method that allows strict control of paternity but is not widely used in BeeConSel ( project’s partner countries.

The Norwegian Beekeeping Association is organizing a workshop on instrumental insemination for queen bee breeders from the partner countries in Krakow from 7 to 9 July 2022. We invite you to apply. Applications are open until the 3rd of June.

If you are selected, the cost of your participation in the workshop will be covered by the BeeConSel consortium.

Apply by sending an email to with:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Recommendation from a bee association, bee club or other institution

The applicants should:

  • manage at least 25 colonies
  • have access to queens and drones immediately after the course to hone their skills

During the project implementation the selected participants will be expected to:

  • Act as a trainer and pass her/his knowledge to other interested beekeepers.
  • Hone their skills in instrumental insemination after the course within this breeding season.
  • Act as a trainer in arrangement with local partners in Croatia, North Macedonia, Norway, and Slovenia
  • English language proficiency is required

The selection of candidates will be based on candidates’ motivation and CV. The selected candidates will be signing a contract for the execution of the training and the follow-up activities.