Our cluster


BeeGuards is a Horizon EU project that aims to strengthen the resilience of the European beekeeping sector by providing sustainable management practices, novel breeding strategies and digital and forecasting tools that allow the sector to adapt to a changing environment. It focuses on determining how abiotic factors such as management practices, climate change, nutrition and resource limitations drive emerging biotic stressors that threaten colony health and erode the resilience of European beekeeping.


Improved Knowledge Transfer for Sustainable Insect Breeding (Insect-IMP) is a COST Action that will focus on knowledge transfer between various insect species and other animal breeding and genetics sectors to allow for economic and research gains in insect farming and beekeeping. The collaboration within the Action will enable more sustainable growth in the insect farming sector, progress European research capacity by laying the foundation for long-term collaboration within research and industry across borders, and support educated decisions on insect breeding regulations.